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Friday, 06 July 2012
Mayumi Disney Sea and Beach Resort



ayumi Beach Resort is not famous for its white sand beach, but for its Disneyland look alike concepts. This resort is also known as Mayumi Disney Sea, kids and adults will surely love that. As of now Mayumi Disney Sea and Beach Resort has 6 rooms only. It is designed to ensure not to overcrowd the resort, though everyone is welcome to have fun and relax in this beach resort. Thus, that nice and cozy rooms are enogh for visitors as of now, but they are planning to add 6 more rooms.


Mayumi Beach Resort comes with very nice dinning. Definitely, the service and the food is great. As of now, Mayumi Disney Sea has dive facilities at the resort and some dive gears and equipment available for rent. Aside from that, they are planning to build a pier and some buoys for the boats for better customer service.

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Facilities :

  • Function Hall
  • Sing Along with Videoke
  • Banka Rental
  • Slide
  • Disney Characters
  • Canteen
  • Restaurant

Rate :

  • Cottages
    • Family House (Good for 8 person) - P3,500
    • Bahay Kubo - P300.00/ 12 hours only
    • Ibaraki, Tokyo - P150.00 in morning and P200.00 evening
    • Chiba, Nagano, Nagoya, Fukushima - P100.00 morning and P150.00 evening
    • Mickey Family House (Good for 2 person) - P2,500.00( aircon, TV, Ref, Bath room and CR)
    • Seven Dwarfs House (Good for 12 person)- P1,800.00/ 12hours only (double decks and twin bed size)
    • Mt. Nikko og Mt. Tsukuba(Good for 2 max of 5) - P1600.00 Aircon
  • Function Hall
    • with Sound System (Maximum of 50 person) - P3,000.00
    • without Sound System(Maximum of 50 person) - P2,500.00
    • Good for 4 hours
    • Registration Tables
    • P200.00 per Electrical Equipment
    • P150.00 per excess hour
  • Others :(Php 100.00/hour)
    • Sing Along with Videoke
    • Enjoy with Different Video games
    • And Unwind with Bangka rental
  • Entrance Fee
    • Adult/Kids - Day Tour - Php 20.00
    • Adult/Kids - Overnight - Php 50.00
  • *Price may change without prior notice
Last Updated ( Thursday, 06 March 2014 )


0 # janette 2010-04-18 14:25
Are we allowed to bring food and soft drinks? thank you
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+7 # Mayumi Disney Sea 2010-04-28 12:04
@nica.. the location is in Catagman, Island Garden City of Samal.

@monique.. 286-0114,09216815812,09167189779

@janette.. the food has no corkage except lechon.drinks only have corkage.

@kc.. electric fan lang po yung 7 dwarfs.

Thanks for your inquiry.
Hope that you will visit soon.
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0 # michelle 2010-05-21 08:56
san po catagman? i mean ano ang available transpo papunta jan
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0 # shelabs 2010-05-21 21:22
can i ask, if there´s a place where we can live our ride? a safety place for 2-3 days. at how much na ngayon rate ng mt.nikko? maybe june rate. thanks...
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0 # celeste 2010-06-08 13:29
..hi..ask lan poh..xah cottages nah chiba..150 poh ang overnyt,,per group poh yan o per person?ask lan poh..plz..reply to my question..tnx..
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