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Written by John Ballard   
Thursday, 23 October 2008
Zip Line in Samal Island


ocated in Barangay Poblacion, Kaputian District, Island Garden City of Samal, less than 1km north of beautiful Kaputian Beach, is the Extreme Samal Zip line Experience. From a jump off point high on top of a 100ft sea cliff the zip line extends 600ft out into the ocean. Wearing your harness and life jacket, you take the plunge off the edge of the cliff and scream; when you reach 65km per hour you slide into the water and realize I WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN!!! A rescue swimmer then assists you into the waiting boat. The boat then takes you back to the beach. You can then come back up for another ride or go back to Kaputian beach. You can also have a picnic at our site. It’s thrilling, fun, safe, and best of all affordable, it’s only 150 pesos for two slides on weekends and holidays. Special bookings are welcomed during week days for groups of 20 or more.

How to get there :

There are a number of ways.

  • From Davao you can take the ferry from Santa Anna Wharf at Magsaysay Park for 50 pesos. It takes you to Kaputian beach wharf and takes about 1 hour. You can then either walk to the site, or take a motor bike for 10 pesos.
  • Take the car ferry from km 11 in Sasa. You can take the Samal Island bus which starts from Magsaysay park and goes onto the ferry and then to Penaplata. From Penaplata you then ride a motor bike to the site in Kaputian.
  • Take the passenger ferry from the Sasa km 11 market wharf. Then at Babak wharf take a tricycle to the same Samal Island bus terminal in Babak.
  • There are also many private boats going to all the beautiful resorts on Samal Island. They will take you to the Xtreme Samal site for a small fee.

So! Come and try it out. You’ll love it! It’s a thrill! Come and try the Xtreme Samal Zip line Experience. Hope you like the photos.

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