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 La Familia Beach Resort is a great place to relax with friends and good venue for family gatherings

Samal Island Shoreline

Are you tired of seeing the busy streets in your place, start to feel bored coz of word pressure yet desires to be in a place where peace and tranquility can be felt? Its time to visit Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte Philippines.

The Island of Samal(Island Garden City of Samal) is one of the best visited island in Mindanao and now the fastest growing tourist destination in the Philippines.

A 5 minute boat ride can be taken away from busy city life. This island nested at Southern Philippines and it's strategically located in the Asia-pacific rim. The island offers exciting features that pristine white sand Just like Ilocos Tour Package 2015.

Island Garden City of Samal have numerous of wonderful and extraordinary resorts.Some of the resorts are Kaputain Resort, Cannibad ,Chemas , Camudmud, Costa Marina , Blue Waters , Mayumi, Isla Reta and Paradise Island

Getting to Know More About the Island Garden City of Samal - The Island Garden City of Samal is just minutes away from Davao, a city with a large economic base. With this strategic location, the Island Garden City of Samal also known as IGACOS has a lot of potential to grow as haven for.

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Feature Beach
Mahan Garden resort Gazebo is excellent for small gathering.Try it and I'm sure you will like it.

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Feature Beach
What makes Leticia by Sea so unique from the other beach resort in the Samal Island?

Latest Resort

Latest Resort in Samal Island
Of the newest beach resorts in Samal is the Secdea Beach Resort located at San Isidro, Babac
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